Eating Peace 3 day Workshop

Lose the ball and chain of eating rules, find YOUR inborn eating peace & freedom with food. You'll follow along with other students who joined live and learn through their examples and questions.

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Join Grace Bell, Mental Health Therapist, Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, and Eating Peace activist to question your core beliefs that fuel worry, cravings, frustration and disappointment, understand how to work with difficult feelings, and take back your power with food.


You will learn the basis of permanent transformation of eating wars: mindset change, feeling change.


This sea change makes all the difference, and it's backed by science. 


You will access body, mind and spirit to uncover your inner peaceful eater through watching this recorded workshop


You'll listen to other eating peace students from all walks of life and circumstances, and give yourself time and attention for the important work around this topic. You get to immediately apply and practice new ways to encounter food, eating and body image.


"I am content doing the thing in front of me, since my mind doesn't conflict with what I do. It has no reason to; there are no beliefs that would get in the way." ~ Byron Katie


Live 3-day Mini Workshop: