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Living With Money Home Study Course

Join Todd Smith and Grace Bell, along with a group of 8 participants, to take a deep dive into stories about money. Discover the peace and abundance available, and turn stressful money-thinking around.

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Money worries plague so many of us. Surprise bills, medical needs, stocks crashing, banks failing, housing prices soaring, losing our jobs, insecurity, judgment, resentment, jealousy and fear of not having enough.

Money touches all of us, and our stories about money travel with us, until they’re questioned.

In this course, you along with 8 participants travel through six modules:

Module 1: The Trouble with Money

Module 2: Questioning Shame & Guilt with Money

Module 3: Family of Origin Money Stories

Module 4: Asking For and Receiving Money

Module 5: Wealth, Poverty and What Isn't Fair About Money

Module 6: Turning Around Our Worst Fears About Money

Learn to relax the thinking that binds us in scarcity, worry, disappointment

Discover common beliefs around money and how to dig deeper into their meaning

Identify and question money stories from family, ancestors, money events

Find the freedom and peace you seek with money and how to take action you really value

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Nicole Walters

Thank you for the beautiful facilitation of the Work during your Living With Money workshop. It really felt like a spiritual connection moving me forward, holding my hand, giving me courage...My biggest take away was that I don’t need to justify or quantify everything/anything in order to spend my time on it. So simple, but the most profound comforting knowing landed in me. I’ve heard people express these as God breezes before, and all of the sudden this clarity of how beautiful and nourishing it feels for me to slow down all the thinking and fully settle into self inquiry is reason enough to "spend the time”. I am worth spending time with and I am worth letting the people closest to me know that this is a very important part of my time budget (daily) and not locked into an emergency time fund only and not tied into a retirement plan. Yay!

In Living With Money, I realised that I use money to keep people at bay. With money I can buy for myself what I call "space", "privacy", "quietness" but what it is, actually, is distance from others: private transportation, more spacious place to live, things I can buy instead of borrow, help I can buy instead of asking around, etc. I'm very afraid of feeling lonely and abandoned....So my biggest fear is to be without money, and thus feeling lonely and abandoned. But having money is one of the main things that keeps me separate from other people, leaving me fewer chances to connect and enjoy them! To realise this really made me laugh.

Living With Money was incredible for many reasons. I loved the fact that the both of you shared your own experiences. I could relate to them and they helped me see my situation in a more loving way. I felt “normal”. I felt that I can be ok with where I am at. I felt that I could actually cherish it and thus lovingly accept it. It helped me talk to my partner more openly and see (for the first time) his point of view. Since then, I have been able to talk and ask more questions with regards to how he feels about our situation; and this I was able to do with curiosity and openness, which is an incredibly freeing experience. I loved the fact that you made us work on a diverse variety of “money problems” for it helped me see my blind spots. Blessings to the both of you.

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